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Your A/C system doesn't take the winter off

Q. Why would I want to get my A/C repaired before heading into winter?

A. This question comes up quite often as we get toward the end of the summer cooling season and it came up again last week when we had a couple of those warm days. The client realized they were no longer getting cool air out of the vents so they brought the car in to see why.

After finding the vehicle was low on refrigerant, we isolated the leak at one of the hoses going to the A/C compressor. The client was of the mind to put the repair off till next year so as to not have to part with the money right now. We explained to them why that might not be such a good idea.

Anytime you have a leak in an A/C system, refrigerant is replaced by air, and air contains moisture. One of the biggest threats to an A/C system is moisture. By not repairing the hose you will expose the system to moisture for several months, rendering the Drier that is in the system fouled and in need of replacement at a minimum. Needless to say this will increase the cost of the repair.

The second big consideration for winter driving is the defogging and defrosting ability of the heating system. As you know your air conditioner removes moisture from the air and the ability to clear your windshield is greatly reduced if you don't have a functioning A/C system. The next time your windshield is fogged up, try clearing it with your A/C off and then switch it on and you can see the difference for yourself; the windshield will clear almost instantly as soon as you turn on the A/C.


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