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Tips to check your car's A/C unit

Summer has hit the Chicago area. Well, not technically, but with temperatures already in the 90s, you might want to think about your car's air conditioning unit and how much you love it. 

It's good practice to have your mechanic check it annually before anything goes wrong.

You can also check it yourself periodically and take steps to make sure it doesn't take a nosedive while you're sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic or on that long summer road trip.

With your fan on high and your AC set to the coldest temperature, run it weekly for 10 minutes to keep the compressor in working order. Then turn on your defrost for five or ten minutes to stave off mildew. Do this year-round. It's also a good idea to recharge your A/C every other year.

If, even after you've faithfully carried out these maintenance procedures, you notice your A/C is blowing less cold air than it used to, there could be several reasons. It may just need to be recharged with more refrigerant. Your mechanic can recharge the system to levels specifically for your vehicle to have it blowing icy cold again.

The weak cold air output could also be caused by a leak in the A/C line or from the compressor. A line leak is easy to fix. However, if the compressor is leaking to the point where all the oil is depleted, the compressor will have to be replaced.

The experts at Douglas Automotive, in Barrington, Fox River Grove, and Crystal Lake, can diagnose your A/C problem and have your on the road in air-conditioned comfort in no time. They can also perform your annual A/C service to keep it that way.


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