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Time to Get Moving!

A covered car sits in the drivewayThroughout the past several months, some cars have been sitting for longer than usual. The longer your car sits, the more risk there is of causing permanent damage or unnecessary repair bills. Of course, the age of your car, the condition of your battery, our climate and whether the car is parked indoors or out certainly matters. Here are the benefits of driving your car at least once every two weeks:

  • • Driving keeps the battery charged and prevents the engine and other mechanicals from drying out.
  • • Getting your car out and about at least once every two weeks prevents a dead battery.
  • • Regular driving, rather than simply idling the car, prevents tires from degrading and keeps all moving parts – like the transmission and brakes – well lubricated.
  • • Tires lose pressure over time. If a car sits for too long, the weight of the car will cause flat spots and require you to purchase new tires.
  • • If your vehicle has been sitting for a long period, your rotors could rust over. Normal driving cleans surface rust. Yet if rust has gone so far as to cause pitting in the rotor, brake repair will be necessary.

It’s a good idea to briefly inspect your car to make sure it’s still roadworthy. We recommend you continue changing oil at the proper time intervals and regularly check your cars brakes. Have the tire pressure, oil and coolant levels checked and take it easy on the brakes during your first couple of drives.

Safe Driving!

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