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The importance of turn signals

Your car's turn signal exists for a reason. Yet, many drivers hardly or never use their signals, which is a mistake. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, two million vehicular accidents a year occur due to a driver's failure to use a directional signal, and the Society of Automotive Engineers says that more than a fourth of drivers don't use them. And, did you know it's illegal in all states not to?

Turn signals let other drivers know your intentions to turn or change lanes. If you don't signal those intentions, others naturally assume you will continue on as you are.

While switching lanes, you should activate your turn signals at least five seconds before merging, according to Traffic School Online. Always turn them off, after you've completed your lane change.

When turning, activate your turn signal well before you start to slow down to make the turn. Waiting until you're already into the turn is not only frustrating to the driver behind you, it's dangerous.

When pulling out of a side street onto a main thoroughfare where traffic does not stop, using your turn signal lets other drivers know what you are about to do.

if you come to a stop light with a right turn or left turn only lane, use your turn signal to let other drivers know that your are getting into that lane and leave it on until you have completed your turn, add Traffic Law Headquarters. Using your turn signal is even more important if you are turning from a street that has no turn-only lanes. If you're at a stop sign with no turn-only lanes signal that you are going to merge into the lane well before you slow down to turn. If you don't use your signal, you could cause an accident with other drivers or pedestrians.


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