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Vibration problem shakes driver of Toyota van

Vibration problem shakes driver of Toyota van

Q. I read your column all the time and love it so when this problem came up with my van, I thought, who better to get a straight answer from than you.

Some history -- in July I purchased a 2007 Toyota Sienna certified vehicle from a Toyota dealership. The van had 70,000 miles and was in excellent condition. Shortly after taking possession (and a road trip), I noticed between 30-35 and 45-50 mph (especially 1,300 to 1,400 rpm) there was a louder "droning noise," as Toyota calls it. Along with this noise was a vibration that reverberated throughout the cabin and was felt in my seat.

I should mention that right after I purchased the van, I had a set of Hankook H737 Optimo tires put on with an alignment.

The first time I took the van back to the dealer, they indicated they could not find a problem and they would want to try driving another van (same year, mileage, model, etc.) to determine if this is just how the van operates. They did not have such van

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