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Road Trip Games

Taking a road trip with the kids? Movies and travel apps are great but driving offers the perfect opportunity for kids to use their imagination. Don’t overload on the electronics. It’s amazing to see how children find more imaginative ways to entertain themselves when they start to become bored. Throughout the summer, we’ll be posting an assortment of road trip games to enjoy. If you’ve got some favorites, we hope you’ll share them with us on our facebook page. Here’s our selection for May.

Guess that Song:
Play some tunes! On your radio, or your other music device play a selection of tunes. Whoever can shout out the name of the song first, wins. (Don’t forget to cover any screen that may list the name of the song) 

Try to Classify:
Pick a category (Stores in your town, Basketball team, etc.) and have everyone take a turn naming something in that category until someone gets stumped. Last person left in the game wins. 

Getting to Know You: 
Gather some good questions to get to know someone and work your way through them. It’s a great way to learn a lot about everyone in the car. 

Memory Magic: 
This game certainly builds concentration and memory. Start with the question, “I’m going on vacation” (or the movies, or a picnic…whatever) and I’m going to bring…” and then list an item. The next person begins with “I’m going on vacation and I’m going to bring…” and must list the first person’s item before adding their own items. As the list grows, so does the challenge to remember all the items correctly.

I Spy: 
A total classic! One person says, “I spy with my little eye…something” and then vaguely describes something they see, like “I spy something blue”. The other players take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess what the item is. 




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