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Protecting your car's interior from the sun

Warm weather is finally here, with longer days full of sunshine. 

While most all of us are happy about that, the sun can turn our car into an oven, wreaking havoc on the interior, making it unbearable hot, smelly, faded and even causing damage.

How to protect your car from those rays?

The easiest and most affordable way is to park in the shade. A closed car in the sun can reach 130 degrees inside. Shade keeps the temperature much lower. While it's now always possible to park, there are other ways to protect your ride.

Many people keep their windows cracked, just a little, which can keep the temperature down somewhat, but it also carries the risk of break-ins or rain.

Your dash bears the brunt of the sun's rays, which can cause it to fade and crack, especially if it's a dark color hat absorbs more light. Foldable and pop-up windshield sunscreens hide it from damaging UV rays. They're relatively inexpensive and come in everything from cardboard to reflective foil. You can even find fun ones with themes like Star Wars or the Avengers. They will also shade your front seats and come in various sizes. Some are also available for specific make and models. Another option is a UV blanket placed anywhere in the interior.

If you have leather or leather-like seats a sunscreen is a necessity, as is leather cleaner and conditioner. Real leather and plastic can crack and fade from UV rays and excessive heat.

Keeping your car clean also helps protect your interior from the sun, believe it or not. Clean up food or drink spills immediately or the sun will bake the stains right into your interior, making it smell like the kitchen in a greasy spoon diner.




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