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Off to College!

It’s back to school time. And some of us will be sending a child off to college with their car. Time to consider if the car can meet the travel challenges to college. Whether it's a new Chevy Blazer or the old, reliable family hand me down car, it's time to plan to make sure both student and car remain safe and avoid trouble. Will it be long distance drive? How many miles away is the school? What type of roads will it be driving on? Highway? Busy city streets? Will your student be using the car while on campus? Once there, will the car be kept in a garage, or be subject to the elements in a parking lot? It may have been reliable form of transportation during the summer, but a new environment and driving habits can create new challenges to consider.

Are all the vitals up to date? If the weather conditions at school require different equipment than that at home, you might have to upgrade the tires for example or replace the wiper blades in preparation for a severe winter. Will the car’s state inspection expire during the semester? If so, have it checked out and stickered before its departure.

Back to School Special - Free Safety Check - Limited Time OnlyGet a Free Safety Check. We want your student safe, soDouglas Automotive is offering FREE Back to School safety check. We’ll check out the brakes, suspension, fluids…the works. We’ll also rotate the tires, test the battery and take it for a road test.

Stock Important accessories. Small, yet vitally important tools such as an ice scraper, tire gauge and phone charging cords are important.

Have “the talk”. Does your student have a basic understanding of what goes on under the hood, as well as the dangers? Raise the hood and show them the refill locations of at least the brake, power steering, and transmission fluids. Do they know where and how to add coolant? If now, we’re happy to give your student a quick overview at no charge.

Teach them to be aware of trouble. Help them understand that if they detect odd sounds or an abnormal feel to the vehicle while driving, that it could be an indicator that some systems may be failing. Preempting a possible engine breakdown save costly repairs and ensures safety!

Anticipate the worst. Consider the “what if’s”. All you can do is be prepared. Invest in an auto club membership. When far from home, it’s a sound investment. Research auto repair facilities near campus. Because we’re active in our industry, we have a strong owner network of automotive repair shops. Don’t hesitate to ask us. We may be able to recommend someone near your student’s college. Being prepared will give both parents and students peace of mind.

Finally, remember that life is a journey. Enjoy the ride!


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