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Having Steering Wheel Issues?

​Q. When I turn my steering wheel right or left it makes noises. What could that problem be? I had it worked on last summer and a steering arm was replaced, but the noise is back again and very irritating. This happens intermittently, but more often than not. The temperature can be hot or cold; it does not seem to matter.

When I drive down the road I hear this noise around the wheel area. It is very noticeable. Last summer I had the bushings replaced and the noise is back again and very irritating. I feel I am taken to the cleaners by mechanics and would appreciate your help. Suggestions?

A. I am not sure if you are talking about two different noises or the same noise, but it sounds like you have a dried-out ball joint or tie rod end. These are steering and suspension components that used to be greaseable but in most cases today they do not have fittings that can be greased. You will have to have someone isolate which one it is and most likely it will have to be replaced.

Occasionally a steering column will make noise and the sound is actually on the inside of the car, but if it's coming from the outside, I would focus on a seized steering or suspension component.

I would also encourage you to get some recommendations from a co-worker or friend for a good shop where you can start building a relationship. Believe it or not, there are some good shops in our area that are committed to doing a really good job for their customers at a fair price. Once you have that trust relationship, you won't have to live with the feeling of "being taken to the cleaners."

If you can't find a shop that way, check with your chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau. They can help you locate a company that has a good reputation.



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