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Dual-clutch automatic transmission causes 4 to 5 second hesitation

Q. We have an ongoing problem with our 2015 VW Passat with a 1.8-liter, turbocharged TSI four-cylinder engine and 6,400 miles. The problem is a 4- to 5-second hesitation with the engine in drive after a stop light while making a left turn.

This hesitation is also encountered after we back out of the garage in the morning. After shifting into drive to move forward, the hesitation is more pronounced. After driving forward about one block, while making a left turn onto another street, this hesitation is no longer as predominant. However, it can happen even after the engine is warmed up or while moving forward after a stop light. It seems like the engine loses power for the few seconds, but if you press down further on the gas pedal, the car will lurch forward.

We have been to the dealer and they said this is normal. My wife feels very unsafe driving this car and has become very careful not to enter into traffic because of this problem.

The dealer suggested using brand-name premium gasoline, but even after many tanks full of premium grade gas the problem comes and goes. The dealer also suggested if we still have this problem to come back and they will get a rep from VW to look at it.


A. I am sure this is very frustrating because this car is so new. I am wondering if this problem has always been there and I am also wondering what kind of transmission your car has.

There have been some complaints about the driving characteristics of the Volkswagen DSG transmission. This is a dual-clutch automatic transmission that is supposed to emulate a manual transmission in the way it shifts. Some drivers have complained about a slight delay after releasing the brake. I am wondering if this is why they said "It's normal."

If you still don't feel the car is driving properly, I would recommend driving with the service adviser or a technician so you can show them exactly what the car is doing. I think having a rep from VW out will be the next step if you can't get this resolved. Sometimes it is just a computer programming update that will be needed.


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