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Don’t Start with an Old Battery

Your car’s battery provides the power that starts your car, so it’s important to make sure it’s in top condition.

If you ever accidentally leave your lights on after you shut off the engine, you know firsthand how you can inadvertently drain the battery.

You can tell your battery is getting old when it takes longer for your car to “turn over”. Prevention is in order to avoid being stranded with a dead battery. It is not uncommon for a battery to seem to work fine one day and not the next. They don’t always give warning. A battery can also fail just as easily on a hot summer day as on a cold winter one.

Not all batteries are created equal. Different vehicles require different types of batteries. You will want to purchase the correct battery for your car, stay away from the lowest price because in the long run that may end up costing you the most.

Do you live in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold, drive long hauls, or make short frequent trips? If you do, consider a long-life battery.

Also look at what’s known as cold cranking amps (CCA) and cranking amps (CA). A battery’s CCA will show you how well it will start when the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and its current.  CA indicates the battery’s current then the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The manufacturer of your car will require a certain amount of CCA’s for the car to perform optimally, don’t go smaller than what they recommend.

There are maintenance-free batteries that are sealed so they don’t need their electrolyte levels checked. Others have caps on top that can be removed to add electrolytes and maintain adequate levels.

Douglas Automotive, with locations in Crystal Lake and Barrington, can help you choose the right battery for your vehicle. Douglas will also recycle your old battery.


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