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Don't Forget: Inspecting Your Trailer is Important Too

As you start thinking about summertime, now that it’s finally arriving, you might want to get your trailer inspected before the summer trailering season begins.

Whether it be a boat, Jet Ski, camper or just a utility trailer, they can get neglected. It is easy to forget that the lights, tires, brakes and wheel bearings should be serviced at least once per year. Boat and Jet Ski trailers especially get abused because of being backed into the water to launch the watercraft. This can be very hard on the wheel bearings and the lighting. The wheel bearings should be cleaned thoroughly and inspected for pitting. If they are good, they should be repacked and reinstalled with new grease seals. If there is any pitting on the bearing, it should be replaced with a new bearing and race.

If the trailer has brakes, make sure they are cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. You will want to check all the lighting and wiring, and make any repairs that are needed; every light should work. Finally, inspect the tires for proper tread depth and any dry rotting. If there is any observed, they should be changed. Inspect the latch mechanism for proper adjustment; clean and lube as necessary, and be sure the safety chains and hooks are in good shape.

Following these guidelines will ensure a trouble-free trailering experience this summer.


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