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Don't Cut Corners on Brake Lines

traffic jam, brake lightsQ: I have a 2001 Ford Pickup Truck that I am getting ready to sell, and I noticed that the brake line going to the rear is wet with fluid. Is there a way to splice in a line or is there a cheaper way to repair than to replace the line?

A: Unfortunately, you will need to replace the line. Anytime you are dealing with the hydraulic side of the brake system, you don’t want to cut any corners. If you have a brake line blow out on braking, it could be catastrophic. The proper repair would be to replace all rusted brake lines as well as flushing out the system with new brake fluid. This type of repair can run between $500 - $1000 depending on how much of the systems will need to be replaced. On some vehicles, the brake lines and the fuel lines are bundled together; the minute you touch one of those lines, the others can be compromised and begin to leak, so be prepared. We have a big problem with this on older cars as they have been exposed to so many winter seasons with all the road salt, which just eats away at the exposed metal lines. The lines we have been using as replacement have a high content of nickel and they don’t corrode like the steel ones do. If you sell this vehicle as is, make sure you disclose the problem area to the buyer; you wouldn’t want them to have a problem. Good luck, and I hope this is helpful. 


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