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Check your car's headlights

Have you ever been pulled over by police becuase one of your headlights is out? You may not have noticed it. Headlights are one of those components of your car that you probably take for granted - until they don't work.

Headlights are necessary in order for you to see to drive at night or in rain, snow or fog. But they are also important in the fact that they allow others to see your vehicle so that everyone on the road can drive safely. In fact, some states require headlight use in the daytime.

Check your headlights periodically, to make sure they are in good working order. Problems can include a burned out or dim bulb, or inability to switch to low beams. Causes can be your car's battery, bad wires, a bad alternator or a loose alternator belt. If one bulb has burned out, replace both at the same time for consistent lighting. Your vehicle's owner's manual lists what type you need.

In addition to a burned-out bulb, headlights may malfunction from a glitch in your car's electrical system or the headlight fuse.

The type of vehicle you drive usually determines the type of headlight you will use. It's a good idea to check local ordinances to find out which types are allowed in your area.

Halogen lights use halogen gas for a brighter light, while LEDs use less power and don't get as hot. They also last longer. Finally, Xenon/HID lights use gas so they burn brighter, but also cooler, and they last longer. Of course, they cost more, too.

Changing your headlights regularly allows you to take advantage of new technology that improves safety and efficiency.

Consult a trusted mechanic to diagnose and fix any headlight problem and answer questions your may have.


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