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Can you tell when shocks, struts need replacement?

Can you tell when shocks, struts need replacement?

Q. My Impala has about 88,000 miles on it and it is not riding as well as it used to. I have noticed this lately, especially with how bad all these roads are right now. I was told I might need new shocks and struts to correct this problem. It seems like I don't have enough mileage to need such a major repair already. What do you think?

A. Your car is right in the sweet spot for needing shocks and struts. In fact, most suspension manufacturers indicate that at 50,000 miles the performance of the shocks and struts is starting to degrade. This is not true for every car and every driver but it is possible they could need replacement that early.

It's fairly easy to determine whether or not you need to replace the shocks and struts. Remember the job of the shock and or strut is to keep the tire in contact with the road and to control the bounce. There are seven handling characteristics that when present are a pretty good indicator.

1. Body roll. You would n

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