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Employee Spotlight: Chris Bach - Service Advisor

Christopher is one of the seasoned service advisers at our Crystal Lake location. His core focus as a service adviser is to review maintenance and repair work needed to ensure customers’ vehicles operate at full capacity.

Chris has a 13-year-old daughter who keeps him busy, yet he still finds time to enjoy salt water aquariums and summer sun activities. He proudly served our country in the United States Marine Corp - easily his biggest accomplishment in life.

For entertainment, Chris enjoys the show Fear Factor. He knows he could do well in the stunt/dare game show because he has the determination to face his fears and outpace the competition.

Favorite Quote: “Live like men of action, Act like men of thought. Live life with intensity and a passion for excellence.” - Gen. James Mattis

“Use” it to Your Advantage

“Use” it to Your Advantage

Time to trade in your old car?

There are important reasons to consider buying used instead of new.

“The biggest reason is the price,” said Doug McAllister, owner of Douglas Automotive in Crystal Lake.   “When you buy a new car it depreciates over a very short period of time very rapidly.”

According to the average new car loses 11 percent of its value the minute it’s driven off the lot. By the fifth year, it’s worth only 37 percent of what you paid the dealership.

“That’s the obvious advantage of buying a one- or two-year-old car,” McAllister said. “You eliminate taking all that depreciation on yourself, and you’ve still got a current model vehicle with low mileage and something that’s going to serve you for a long time.”

That being said, it’s important to make sure the pre-driven vehicle of your dreams is roadworthy.  Douglas Automotive pr

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