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About car warranties

So you're looking to buy a new car and wondering if the warranty covers any problems you may encounter down the road.

Even though the warranty may say "bumper to bumper" your coverage isn't necessarily.

A new car warranty typically covers mechanical defects, says Autotrader. What it usually doesn't include are what's known as wear items; things that fall under maintenance because they wear out periodically. These include tires, brakes, engine belts and hoses, headlight bulbs, rust and a clutch, if you have a manual transmission. What it does cover are issues like a blown engine, a failed transmission or windows that won't open.

Warranties won't cover your car's body panels, either, so an accident, crunch or a scrape is on your, and your insurance company. Likewise, if you damage a part of the interior, you also foot the bill, unless it's a manufacturer defect.

Certain new car warranties are voided if you use your car in a way it wasn't meant to be used, such as a snow plow, or if driven off road or on a racetrack, which put undue strain on the powertrain and other components, adds Autotrader.

Read the fine print on your new-car warranty before you buy, then make a note of when your warranty expires. Douglas Automotive, with locations in Crystal Lake, Barrington, and Fox River Grove offers free inspections before your warranty expires. Douglas has access to the same information on known issues that the dealerships have and will give you a list of everything covered under warranty so you can have it repaired before your warranty runs out.

The dealer won't remind you to check your car before your warranty ends, nor will they warn you about known problems that could cost you thousands of dollars after it expires. Douglas can make repairs not covered under warranty before they become expensive issues.



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