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Since we are keeping our cars longer (we are at 11.9 years on average now), good maintenance is becoming really important. It is also very important that you have a good relationship with a competent Automotive Service Excellence-certified mechanic to keep an eye on things for you.

One of the things these older cars are prone to is rust, at least in our neck of the woods anyway. I am not talking about body rust. The car bodies and paint are holding up a lot better than they used to. What I am talking about here is under-car rust.

We are seeing brake line and fuel line failures as a result of this rust. The steel lines run underneath the car and are exposed directly to the elements. As they start to rust, they can become porous and when they become weak enough, they can let go. This could be bad if you needed to stop quickly.

Generally you will still have some braking power, but it will be greatly reduced and possibly very minimal. This is why I constantly preach that you should have somebody you trust looking over your car on a regular basis.

Some cars are also prone to the coil springs rusting and breaking. This could cause the car to lean and a jagged piece could damage a tire. At a minimum, this will throw off the wheel alignment.

Both of these issues are very repairable and if one is ever brought to your attention, don't ignore the warning. It is a great opportunity for you to have the repairs done on your time and not as the result of an emergency.